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We are a family-run and family-owned operation located in beautiful Appomattox, Virginia just minutes from the historic Appomattox Court House. In 2013, prompted by his love of agriculture, owner Barry Clarkson, purchased land in Appomattox with the hopes of building a hands-on cattle operation that one day could be reputable nationwide. What started as an initial purchase of ten head of cattle has turned into a fully operational ranch with a herd of over 500 cows.

Our goal is to be a progressive operation offering breed-leading genetics while maintaining a high standard for raising maternal and functional cattle. Raising cattle that are accessible to our diverse consumer base will always be a priority at Spring Grove Ranch. Regardless of the size of a herd or operation, we will work with you to increase the profitability of your herd.

Whether it’s for an event or just a visit to our ranch, you are always welcome.

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Decoding Expected Progeny Differences (EPD)

Like the purchase of an investment commodity, you need to make an informed, thoroughly-researched decision—the same goes for cattle. But, like getting a report on a prospective car purchase or […]

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Why Elite Genetics Matter for Your Herd

When you’re in the breeding industry, there are plenty of sires and donors to choose from. But the big question is: Are you receiving the quality and production value you […]

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Adding a Bull to Your Cowherd? Here’s the Questions You Need to Answer First

If you are planning on introducing a bull into your cowherd, you don’t want to just randomly pick the strongest brute you see. Rather, you want make sure the bull […]

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Nothing leaves our ranch that isn’t backed by our earnest guarantee. We stand behind everything that we do and our word means everything to us.

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