our breeding philosophy

We aim to breed cattle that will excel in what we believe to be the most important traits: calving ease, structure, elite growth, fertility and feed efficiency. We prioritize performance and added pounds, without sacrificing strong maternal traits, and work to build a uniformity and balance in our herd. We do this through our intensive AI (artificial insemination) and ET (embryo transfer) programs that allow us to access the most elite genetics that are backed by multiple generations of proven pedigrees.

calving ease

Calving ease takes into consideration a heifer’s ability to birth calves without any help. Oftentimes heifers give birth overnight, so ease of birth is crucial for breeders or cattle farmers.


Our breeding philosophy considers a cow’s structure, such as its hooves, muscle thickness and so on. It’s important that the cow’s structure is in good condition, as it impacts its overall health and that of its offspring.

elite growth

We work to raise our calves to be as healthy as possible. We ensure they’re by their mothers side throughout the developmental months and then we naturally and gradually transition them to a grass-fed diet.


Fertility takes into account nutrition, exams and preventative care. A heifer’s fertility affects how many calves she will have in her lifespan as well as how much and the quality of the milk she produces.

feed efficiency

It’s important that our cattle exist on a primarily foraged diet, to be as natural as possible. Our cattle exist on a grass-fed diet until the last 90 days when they are transitioned to grain supplements for added nutrients and growth. Our cattle are never given hormones or any additives.

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