Spring Grove Commercial Advantage partnership with Neogen Igenity® Program

Spring Grove Ranch is excited to offer our clients a unique tool designed to maximize potential and profits in the commercial beef operation. The scientists at NEOGEN have designed a program to predict genetic merit for crossbred cattle of Angus, Gelbvieh, Hereford, Limousin, Red Angus and Simmental descent. Using only genotypes, Igenity® Beef translates a molecular breeding value into a simple 1 to 10 score for a total of 16 traits fitting into maternal, growth and carcass categories. These scores give commercial producers the ability to gauge the genetic merit of their herd and provide better information for replacement heifer selection and mating decisions. In addition, Igenity Beef provides producers with three indexes to aid in multi-trait selection.

Commercial producers are now able to leverage crossbreeding with DNA selection. The unique design helps the producer to use heterosis plus DNA scores to make faster progress in reaching your herd goals. The U.S. Meat Animal Research Center has shown that lifetime production in weaning weights increased by about 36% due to heterosis in British-cross cows. Longevity increased by by16 percent. By adding the Igenity program to your operation, you can put targeted selection pressure on traits your heifers will pass on to their offspring. By combining Igenity and crossbreeding, you reap the benefits of both. A huge advantage to your bottom line.

Spring Grove Commercial Advantage Testing Credits
Sample kits can be purchased through Spring Grove Commercial Advantage or Igenity. For purchases made through Spring Grove, a rebate of $5 per sample in the form of a credit to be used at our bull sale. Credits expire two years from the date of order submission and can be used for the purchase of bulls only. Samples cannot be submitted unless payment has been received in full. Please make checks payable to Spring Grove Ranch.

The Spring Grove Ranch Commercial Advantage